Game of Thrones Casino Slot

You either win or lose when playing the Game of Thrones slot machine; there is no middle ground. Microgaming, a major software developer, released the GOT slot for desktop and mobile platforms in December 2014. This slot is based on the successful HBO series created by George R.R. Martin, who captivated and shocked fans worldwide. The show keeps fans captivated and raving about the latest episodes, so we can only assume how difficult it is for you to contain your excitement regarding the release of the video slot.

Facts of Interest Regarding the Game of Thrones Slot Machine:

Developed by Microgaming, the foremost iGaming software developer;


Released two variations in December 2014: 15 and 243 paylines; standard 5-by-3 reel layout; desktop and mobile compatibility.

Slot Machine has an autoplay feature.

Regarding Slot Game of Thrones

This play features a map of Westeros and Essos beyond the Narrow Sea and is available in two variations: 15 paylines or 243 ways to win. Both variations of the slot machine have the same user interface with the same symbols, wilds, and scatter incentives. The differences between 15 and 243 paylines are negligible. This fantasy slot quickly becomes a fan favorite due to its sleek yet simple design, which features instantly recognizable house sigils, the Iron Throne, and dragon eggs.



Gameplay of the Game of Thrones Slot Machine

This uniquely themed online slot transports players to the world of Game of Thrones with its familiar symbols and features. Each symbol has its own distinct significance. The Iron Throne-triggered free spins give you a choice. The benefits for free spins are:


House Baratheon: 5x multiplier, 8 free games, and 3 Baratheon symbols layered.

House Lannister: 4x multiplier, 10 free spins, 4 layered Lannister symbols.

3x multiplier, 14 free spins, and 5 Stark symbols layered.

House Targaryen: 2x multiplier, 8 free games, and 6 Targaryen symbols layered.

House Baratheon is undoubtedly the most profitable, but it is also the most difficult to succeed with. The Lannister option is more likely to result in victory, given that Lannisters always pay their debts. House Stark is an honorable option with potential benefits. The Targaryens may be able to triumph with fire and blood, but there are other advantages to choosing this house.


Game of Thrones Slot Machine Payline Variations Information15 lines 243 lines

Developer Microgaming Microgaming

December 2014 Released December 2014 RTP 96.4% 95%

Volatility Medium Medium

Max. Win (cash)75,000 121,000 Min. Bet – Max. Bet00.15 – 15.00 0.30 – 6.00

Layout 5*3 5*3 Mobile CompatibleYes Yes

Visuals and Sound

The GOT slot machine is a fundamental form of online slot machine. The graphics are relatively basic, but they include all the show’s trademark symbols, which are instantly recognizable to fans. They include the Iron Throne, Danaerys’ dragon egg, and the Game of Thrones logo, each of which has its own free-spins incentive. This slot machine lacks characters, which is unfortunate because they would contribute more excitement. Given that characters on the show die like flies, slot players may have conflicting feelings about seeing characters on the reels, so it may be for the best.


The sound quality of this slot machine is quite excellent, and the game’s main theme plays throughout. You may grow tired of hearing it frequently, or you may enjoy hearing the familiar melody. Since the series has an exceptional soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi, it would have been good to hear more iconic sounds and music from a wider variety of tracks.

RTP & Variance


Both slot games with 15 and 243 paylines have a high return to player percentage. The 15 payline has an RTP of 96.4% and the 243 payline game an RTP of 95%. In retrospect, you may be dissatisfied by the absence of a progressive payout given that the volatility is moderate and there is not a high risk when playing. With bonus features such as stacked wilds, the Iron Throne scatter symbol, and random prizes such as free spins and the dragon egg cash reward, the game offers a reasonable amount of variety. Last but not least, this fantasy slot game includes a gamble feature. You need only select the Raven, the White Walker, the Direwolf, and the Dragon, and then choose heads or tails on the Valar Morghulis coin. If you choose accurately and win, you effectively double your money.


Bonuses & Symbols

The symbols are the series’ standard ones. These include the letters J, Q, K, and A, as well as the sigils of the four most prominent families in Westeros: the Baratheons, Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens. Other special symbols include the Game of Thrones logo as Stacked Wilds, which can result in some of the game’s highest payouts. The dispersion symbol is represented by the Iron Throne. These activate a number of free spins, from which you must choose one of the great houses. If you find the dragon eggs, you will receive an additional monetary payout of between two and five times your wager.



FAQs for the Game of Thrones Slot Machine

How do you score at the GOT slot machine?

This slot is a straightforward slot game with basic features, but it is easy to win multiple small prizes.


What symbols does the GOT slot machine contain?

Fans of the show are acquainted with the slot machine’s symbols. The four major families of Westeros are represented by the Baratheon stag, the Lannister lion, the Stark direwolf, and the fierce Targaryen dragons. The Iron Throne, the Dragon Egg, and the logo are displayed. The gamble feature displays the Braavosi coin that Arya was given.


Which online Game of Thrones slot game should you play?

As stated previously, there are two variations of the GOT slot game: one with 15 paylines and another with 243 ways to win. Both are recommended, but the 15-payline version has a higher RTP, a more flexible betting range, and a higher maximum gain per line than the 243-payline version.


What distinguishes the Game of Thrones slot machine in Las Vegas from its online counterpart?

The slot machines created by Aristocrat and located in land-based casinos have distinct characteristics. There are significantly more reels and characters than house symbols. It is visually more alluring, but not as convenient as the online slot version.


Is the Game of Thrones slot identical to the Game of Thrones mobile application?

The app, titled Game of Thrones: Conquest, is a strategy RPG developed by Warner Bros. Entertainment.


Our Recommendation: Bet the Throne on the Game of Thrones Slot Machine.


The Game of Thrones slot machine at your preferred online casinos is unquestionably a worthwhile endeavor. Despite being simple and low-risk, collecting your small winnings is undoubtedly exciting, making you feel like a proper Khal or Khaleesi. Our Lord of the Casinos strongly recommends playing the 15 payline version because the payouts are more lucrative.






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